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A conversation with Greg Touhill, former federal CISO

In any organization, people tend to get fixated on the policy. Same goes for cybersecurity policies. But often while the policy is sound, the issues lie within the execution. Retired Brigadier General and former federal Chief Information Security Officer Greg Touhill joined Sean Kelley, host of CyberChat, to discuss the future of cybersecurity. Touhill said […]

Cybersecurity battleground – Status of cyber threat info sharing

The current status of cybersecurity threats and information sharing between the public, private and government sectors is improving. With that said, there is still much work that needs to be done. Host Sean Kelley sat down with an esteemed panel to discuss. The guests include: Wally Coggins, director of the IC Security Coordination Center within […]

Former WH senior advisor talks data privacy

Privacy became a real issue for American in 2018. Marc Groman, who joined Cyber Chat with host Sean Kelley, said existing incentives for data security have so far been wrong. “When it comes to protecting the perimeter and protecting our networks, we’re still — in some cases — at data security one-oh-one,” Groman, a former […]

What is insider threat?

Any mention of an organization and insider threat in the same sentence generally conjures up an image of information being stolen by an employee — which is precisely the image Michael Theis and Matt Moynahan want to change. Cyber Chat Host Sean Kelley sat down with Moynahan, CEO of ForcePoint and Theis, Chief Counterintelligence Expert […]

The future of IPv6 and cybersecurity

Charles Sun, government executive and IPv6 expert appeared on Cyber Chat with host Sean Kelley to discuss infrastructure, IPv4 and the need for quicker adoption of IPv6. “Infrastructure and cyber security are really hard [when] separate from each other,” Sun said. “The fact that the network and infrastructure logs do not report a data breach […]

2019 technology priorities from Congress and private industry

Darryl Peek, former director of digital innovation and solutions at the Department of Homeland Security and current senior manager for strategy at Salesforce and Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) and sat down with Cyber Chat Host, Sean Kelley, to discuss the future of federal technology. “A lot of people think bipartisanship is dead in Washington D.C., […]

Unique partnership between FDA and DHA protects medical devices

We have entered a new level of connectivity, convenience and efficiency with the Internet of Things (IoT). The healthcare community is experiencing this growth and with the availability of data, improved patient care is imminent. With these advancements, however, comes greater risk. The majority of connected medical devices were designed, built and purchased around ten […]

Cloud security and lessons from private sector

In this edition of CyberChat, host Sean Kelley, former chief information security officer of the Environmental Protection Agency, digs into cloud offerings, security and compliance and how Silicone Valley startups can help the government with cybersecurity and innovation. Kelley was joined by Steve Grewal, former deputy chief information officer at the General Services Administration, and […]

Lessons learned from 2016 election season

Best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to CyberChat with Sean Kelley on iTunes or PodcastOne. In part two of the Cyber Chat election security show, host Sean Kelley discussed what agencies have learned from the last election and what they are doing to ensure the election is not only secure, but that American voters […]

How secure is the election process?

 Best listening experience is on Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Subscribe to CyberChat with Sean Kelley on iTunes or PodcastOne. The 2016 elections left a swirl of unanswered questions around election security. In a two-part series, host Sean Kelley discusses the state of cybersecurity as it pertains to the election of our future leaders. He’s joined by: John […]